Why Roadaz Car Sharing Works


Be part of the community. 


As a valued member of the Roadaz community, we aim to provide our members with ‘perks/incentives’ to help you guys reduce the cost of car ownership with value added services through our strategic partnerships. Please view our blog for exciting offerings coming soon. 



Share a car, share the expenses 


One of the main reasons why Roadaz was created was due to the high cost of car ownership in Malaysia. We figured that sharing the cost with those around you would help reduce the burden and provide a greater ‘bottom line’ at the end of the month. 


"The cost of car ownership is not as simple as what you’re paying for your car loan, but it also involves the cost of day-to-day running of your car. The total cost goes beyond its purchase price when you consider out-of-pocket expenses like petrol and insurance, plus the car’s loss in value over time (depreciation)." - iMoney


Once you've calculated all the factors, road tax, insurance, depreciation, maintenance and repair, and the list goes on; your car would've cost you more over five years than it's market value.



Minimise your carbon footprint 


Cars are one of the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions globally, and cars in cities can be especially heavy with their contributions, owing to traffic and population density.  

Research has shown that the emissions created during the manufacturing process typically match or even exceed exhaust pipe emissions over a car’s lifetime. We hope that we can reduce the amount of cars being manufactured, by sharing existing cars. 

At Roadaz we aim to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions being released into our atmosphere. We’ll be looking into a green initiative program sometime in the near future. Time to give back!! 



Peace of mind 


When lending our prized assets to complete strangers, we’d like to know that our car is in safe hands. At Roadaz we vet all members by collecting their driver’s license, ic/passport and contact details. For verification purposes, a thorough check and a call from our customer relations staff is made, before any member is permitted to use our site and become part of the Roadaz community.